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When most people think of Earth Mysteries, Sussex doesn't usually leap to mind. Most people think of places like the plains of Wiltshire, the moors of Cornwall or the wild highlands of Scotland, all with their impressive stone monuments and henges. Where are the stone circles in Sussex? Where are the monumental temple areas? If you dig deep enough, Sussex can provide plenty of interest to those interested in Earth Mysteries. The county's unfortunate lack of stone monuments was not always the case, there is evidence that there were stone circles in the Hove area which is rich in Sarcen stones. Indeed the stones are still there if you care to look, just in some disarray. At the villages of Alfriston and Ditchling there is a scattering of Sarcen stones around and at Philpots Camp there is interesting carved stones. The problem with Sussex is a lack of decent building material available in any quantity. The ubiquitous flint was used extensively but when other materials were available, they were often used. So the stones littered around have been moved by farmers and town planners, built into walls and destroyed by puritans, leaving us with little left in its original state. Not all is lost though, we still have the Long Man of Wilmington, a whole host of churches built on old Pagan sites and several Neolithic Causewayed Camps, thought by many to be ritual enclosures. Not much has been written on the subject of Earth Mysteries in Sussex, most people prefering to stick to areas with plenty of Megaliths, though if you can find copies of it, there is a now defunct EM magazine called Quicksilver Messenger which covered the South-East area including Sussex, which can be seen to be far from blessed but equally not forsaken.

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