Sompting Mummers Play

This is the original recorded play for the village of Sompting collected by F.E. Sawyer from Mrs. Pullen Barry of Sompting. The current play is performed by Sompting Village Morris and is a modified form of this play. The costumes at the time were described as being made of "Glazed Lining" while the Mummers carried swords of lathes. It is notable that after the first fight, it is the Valiant soldier rather than the Doctor that cures the Noble Captain.



Father Christmas10
Noble Captain12
Valiant Soldier18
St. George21
Turkish Knight10
Johnny Jack7

Father Christmas: In comes I, Old Father Christmas,
Am I Welcome or am I not,
Sometimes cold, and sometimes hot,
May Old Father Christmas never be forgot.
Christmas comes but once a year,
But when it does it brings good cheer,
So room, ladies, room I pray,
Enter in, the Noble Captain, and clear the way.
Noble Captain: In comes I, the Noble Captain,
Just lately come from france,
With my broadsword and silver spear,
I will make what jolly soldier dance.
Valiant Soldier: In comes I, that Valiant Soldier,
Bold Slasher is my name;
With my broadsword and silver spear,
I will fight and win this game.
My head is made of iron,
My body is made of steel,
And with my broadsword all in my hand,
I will fight you in the field.
They fight and the Noble captain is killed
Valiant Soldier: Only behold and see what I have done;
I have cut and slain my brother down,
Just like the evening sun.
I have got a bottle at my side,
What they call elecampane.
I will drop one drop on his chin,
And if he is any man,
Let him rise and fight again.
I have fought and done my best,
I will stand aside and see the rest.
Noble Captain rises and they both move aside
St. George: In comes I, St. George,
That man of courage bold,
With my broadsword and silver shield,
I won ten crowns of gold;
I fought the fiery dragon, and brought him to great slaughter,
And therefore I fought for and won the King of Egypt's daughter.
Therefore if any man dare to enter this place,
I will cut him and hack him as small as dust,
And afterwards send him to a cookshop,
To be made into mince pie crust.
Turkish Knight: In comes I, that Turkish Knight,
Come from that proud Turkish Land to fight.
I will fight St. George, that man of courage bold;
If his blood runs hot I will quickly make it cold.
St. George: Whoa, my little Turk! You talk very bold.
Just like these little Turks that I have been told.
Pull out your purse and pay,
Pull out your sword and pay,
For I will have satisfaction before ye go away.
Turkish Knight:Satisfaction!
St. George:Yes, Satisfaction!
Turkish Knight: No satisfaction at all,
My head is made of Iron,
My body is lined with steel,
And with my sword all in my hand,
I will fight you in the field.
They fight and the turkish knight is killed
Noble Captain: Only behold and see what you have done;
You have cut and slain my brother
Just like the evening sun.
St. GeorgeThe same as I would you, Sir.
Noble Captain: Oh, is there a doctor to be found,
To raise this man that lies bleeding on the ground?
Father Christmas: Oh yes, there is a doctor to be found,
Can raise this man that lies bleeding on the ground.
Noble Captain:Fetch the Doctor.
Noble Captain:Doctor, what is your fee?
Doctor: Ten guineas is my fee,
But ten pounds will I take from thee.
Noble Captain: Take it. Doctor, what can you cure?
Doctor: I can cure the epsey, pipsy, palsy, and the gout,
Pains within and pains without.
I have got a little bottle in my pocket,
Which is called the Golden Gloster drops.
I will drop one drop on the root of this man's tongue,
Which will strike a heat through his body,
And raise him from the ground.
The Turkish Knight rises
St. George: Arise, arise, thou cowardly dog,
And go back to your own country,
And tell then what old England's done to you;
Tell them they would fight ten thousand better men than you.
Johny Jack: I comes I, Little Johny Jack,
With my wife and family on my back.
My family is large, but I am small,
So every little helps us all.
So ladies and gentlemen, just at your ease,
Put your hands in your pockets,
And give poor little Christmas boys just what you please.

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