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There are many skills that a person can contribute to the archaeological community. Some people can organise digs, some have the artistic skills for illustrating sections or finds, some have a large expanse of free brain space to fit in a knowledge of pottery, some even can swing a mattock for extended periods of time without the need for medical attention. None of this applies to me. So how, I pondered, can I best serve the archaeological community and become an 'expert'. The answer was to take my day job as a computer programmer and do something constructive with it.

Geophysics is a very important field in archaeology, especially now with the emphasis on non-destructive methods of recording archaeology favoured when sites are not under direct threat from development. The problem is the whole business is still expensive, with the cost of equipment running into thousands of pounds.

After coming across a cheap resistivity meter provided by the 'Council for Independant Archaeology' and 'TR Systems Ltd' I decided to try writing some windows software to go with it. The software is not restricted to this particular meter however and can be used for any set of resistivity or magnetometry data in electronic or paper format, and most importantly it is FREE.

The Main Screen
The Main Screen

Display Settings
Display Settings

Grey-Scale Image
Grey-Scale Image
Dot Density Image
Dot Density Image
Grey-Scale Image After Filtering
Grey-Scale Image After Filtering
Relief Plot Image
Relief Plot Image
The above four PNG image files were produced by my software without any additional modification
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(Needs a VRML Plugin)

Current Features :
  • Enter data from keyboard or text files
  • Import from RM15, RM85 (inc. parallel and multi layer multiplexed data) & TR Systems resistivity meters, FM18/36/256 magnetometers, Arc-Geo logger, Bartington GRAD601 and EPE Resistivity Meter
  • Import XYZ files, Terrasurveyor files, Surfer ASCII grid files and Frobisher TAR-3 files
  • Export of data to text files and XYZ files
  • Previews of data sets
  • Image view in Grey Scale and Relief plots
  • Display range clipping
  • Data and selection statistics
  • Printing of images with image info
  • Export of images to PNG (Portable Network Graphic) image files, GIS world files and VRML
  • Metadata Storage
  • Continuously sampled data processing
  • RGB Channel merging of different plots into a single plot
  • Simple display of GPR B-Scan data
  • Filters, including :
    • Despike
    • Direct modification of data in a selection
    • Interpolation
    • Geological Flattening
    • Sharpen
    • Edge correction
    • Destripe
    • Clip Data
    • Destagger


Download the correct version of the installer for your OS (it is in a zip file) and run it to install the software. Please read the help file thoroughly before attempting to use Snuffler.

Download - Windows 7 SP1 or later (excluding Windows 10 64bit)
This download is for version 1.32 of the software (07/21).
Download the file here : (6.8Mb)

Download - Windows 10 64bit only
This download is for version 1.32 of the software (07/21). Some users have reported trouble installing the 32 bit version on 64 bit versions of windows 10. This install should fix that problem.
Download the file here : (6.8Mb)

Download - Windows Vista or earlier
This a legacy download is for version 1.15 of the software (06/15) for people who do not have windows 7 or later.
Download the file here : (5.6Mb)

Though Snuffler is free to use, the author would not turn away any donations given for his efforts. If Snuffler has helped you in your geophysical endeavours, you can donate with Paypal.

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